英文自傳︰酒店管理範例 Hotel Management

酒店管理英文自傳 Hotel Management Personal Statement Example

Being thanked by someone for making their day after working a long, hard and stressful shift is the most rewarding feeling I have ever experienced. I want to spend my life creating a place for people to escape and made to feel special.
For a hotel brand to succeed there needs to be a strong focus on marketing, which is one of my main interests. I studied Advertising and Media at University and although I realised that I didn’t want to enter the marketing industry for my career, I did know that I would want it to be an important aspect of my future work. I have some experience working with small business’ and also my local council discovering how they use marketing and media to their advantage. I have volunteered at a family run farm during the launch of their catering leg of the business where I was involved heavily in the research of existing products on the market, pricing, packaging and designing promotional tools. I was also lucky enough to be offered a placement with Coventry City Council assisting with the relaunch of their city magazine, CityVision where I wrote a detailed report of my findings from market research, created an ideas board for the layout and graphics of the magazine and also learnt how to write press releases.
I left University after one year and enrolled in a course in a Professional Cookery NVQ in the hope that I could work my way around the different areas of the hotel operation and eventually work my way up into hotel management. I have worked as a chef in numerous establishments and have an excellent knowledge of food hygiene and safety standards as well as supervisory experience. I have also worked in several other roles relevant to Hotel Management; waiting tables, bar tending, house keeping and as a Wedding and B&B Assistant.
I worked as a chef for a season for a reputable activity holidays company. Supervising four members of staff meant that I was expected to lead, motivate and train as well as being under immense pressure to cook for up to two hundred and forty people alone. I was responsible for ensuring the completion of kitchen admin and that food hygiene and safety standards were adhered to at all times. During my time supervising I learnt a lot about professional boundaries, motivating a team, gaining respect, working to individuals strengths, understanding competency levels and responding well to pressure. Working in a leadership position was what affected my final decision to study Hotel Management.
My passion for hospitality is not limited to my working life. I am an avid reader of T+L, marketing and branding and hotel management books. During my spare time I enjoy disappearing for weekends with friends or exploring different places to eat. I love traveling and have recently spent three months traveling around Thailand and Vietnam where I first began considering a Hotel Management Degree after staying in a diverse range of accommodation. Being a regular consumer myself reinforces the importance of excellent customer care and thus standing out from competitors.
When I left higher education my plan wasn’t to return but my passion and enthusiasm for the subject lead me to explore my options once again. The Hotel School concept is one I am extremely excited about. It would give me the opportunity to study and put my knowledge into practice immediately, making my studies more relevant and memorable. I hope to obtain a place with The Edge Hotel School to achieve a recognised qualification from a quality partnership in order for my CV to stand out from other applicants when applying for graduate schemes with luxury hotel brands.
My goal is to spend time working with top class hotel brands improving and developing my skills and knowledge until I feel prepared enough to open my own family run hotel in Vietnam.
I am confident that with the help of the practitioners on the course I will be able to develop my existing skills and knowledge to an exceptional standard, ready for the world of management.



英文自傳範例︰餐旅管理 Hospitality Management

餐旅管理英文自傳 Hospitality Management Personal Statement Example

Hospitality Industry is one of the fastest-growing industries, whose great variety makes it very interesting area of working. I have never thought about the fascination and the opportunities which this industry offers until the day I started to work as a tourist manager assistant two years ago. It was a summer job which was supposed to fill up my free time and increase my budget. I knew I was going to like it because I am keen on meeting new people and visiting tourist destinations, but I did not even suspect how much it would affect me. As an assistant I was required to help the tourist manager accommodate the guests and organize different kinds of entertainment. This job gave me opportunity to become acquainted with the work of such people as hotel, club and event managers. I was deeply impressed by their diligence to satisfy every need of their customers. I have realized the responsibility of their profession, but I have also understood how satisfied they are when their clients are happy. I will never forget the face of the tourist manager I worked with when the guests thanked him for the perfect holiday. His face was beaming. Despite the fact I was only an assistant I felt satisfaction too seeing that the tourists were content with our work. This feeling of gratification and even happiness was the main reason why I decided to study Hospitality management. I am fond of knowing more about each sector of Hospitality industry, in which I see my future.
Every manager needs leadership skills. I think I have gained them by participating in diverse activities. I was one of the students choosen to stage a play for the hundredth anniversary of my primary school. The most difficult task of the organization of the play was to make the children deliver an inspired performance. Eventually I managed to motivate them not only to be good actors but to enjoy acting itself. It produced positive response. The passion I have for foreign languages ensured my successful participation in the English Language Festival of my school. In this way I have improved my organizational and presentation skills. Being a member of both Eco-club-Mathew and Interact club, the aim of which is charity, I have gained a sense of teamspirit.
As a lover of nature the thing I like to do the most is to go hiking and on picnics. I find the nature of England very attractive and I am looking forward to going there and seeing its beauties. Dancing is my hobby too. I have been dancing a modern ballet for five years. This is my way to relax and keep fit.
I am reliable and positive person, who enjoys challenges and never gives up. I dream of managing a hotel, even a chain of hotels. I realize how great my ambitions are and how hard I must work to achieve them but I think it is most important to have a wish and will. When one who has strong wishes is self-confident and self-motivated, when he is patient and determined he can fulfill them. I know that besides all these qualities I must also have skills in order to succeed in this industry in which there is such a competition. Studying hospitality management I will acquire the necessary skills and knowledge to be a prosperous hospitality manager.
In ten years I imagine myself possessing a five-star hotel on the French Riviera and the first thing I should do to achieve my goal is to take this course at your university.



英文自傳範例︰藝術歷史 Art History

藝術歷史英文自傳 Art History Personal Statement Example

History of Art is the door to artistic, cultural, historical and personal enrichment. With motivation and effort it can also lead to truly interesting career opportunities, most notably as far as I am concerned, fine art auctioneer. It is one of the most appealing and diverse subjects you can work with as it expresses itself through various supports. It allows you to gain access to cultures throughout the world, their beliefs and history through a single still image, a sculpture or even a white canvas.
Art is an uncompromised, satirical and beautiful gateway to the world and the history of mankind. Art is not only beautiful, choking, impressive or esthetical, Art is a testimony of historical patrimony, and this is one of the main reasons I want to study History of Art.
My interest in the subject started in my school years during which I obtained outstanding grades in History, Art and Literature. My passion for the subject flowed out into my social life as I attended weekly cultural seminars organized by “Les Amis des Arts et de la Culture" in Monaco. For personal reasons I decided not go to university after completing my Baccalaureat but this did not affect my interest in Art. In my spare time I developed a great enthusiasm for photography. My grand-father taught me how to develop pictures when I was 13 and I was at once attracted to the mixture of art and information as captured by the legendary Cartier Bresson. Furthermore, being able to step away from the world and become more than a spectator was a welcome relief from a hard day’s work.
During my professional experience I was fortunate enough to be involved in the “Dali a Monte-Carlo" exhibition organized in Monaco during the summer of 2005, by contributing to the research and drafting of the Press Book. This was a challenging and demanding task, which involved to compiling and summarizing the content of the exhibition/show. I thoroughly enjoyed carrying out an in-depth study of the artist as revealed by the photographs exposed to the public, which were taken during the autumn he spent in Monaco. Recently I have been fortunate enough to work as assistant to Walera Martynchik two nights a week, which I believe, will greatly expand my artistic horizons.
Outside of Art I very much enjoy music including blues, folk, rock and jazz. During my professional career I have had the good fortune to be involved in various radio and music magazine based projects, culminating in an interview with Frank Black over a cup of tea after the Pixies concert in Six-Fours-les-Bains. I try to attend concerts as often as possible as I enjoy combination of the enthusiasm and spectacle with the music that create ‘the show’. I am also very much a travel enthusiast and recently traveled around South America. On my travels I learnt Spanish, giving me a firsthand insight into the various foreign cultures.
All this considered, I would like to make Art a greater part of my life and turn my passion for the subject into a career. I aim to work in an auction house, as a Fine Art specialist. As a mature student, I can truly benefit from the cultural background I acquired through my personal and professional activities and become a successful student.
I realize I still have so much to learn and discover and I believe that an undergraduate course in History of Art presents me with the perfect opportunity to achieve my goals.



英文自傳範例︰中世紀歷史 Medieval History

中世紀歷史英文自傳 Medieval History Personal Statement Example

My grandmother’s maiden name is Marx. Her uncle, the world-renowned landscape architect Roberto Burle Marx, was Karl Marx’s great-nephew. This fact, while seemingly trivial, has worked to strengthen the spark history has ignited within me since I was old enough to read. Knowing that I am distantly related to a man whose impact on the world affected the course of history prompted me to delve deeper into the past and feed my love for anything historical.
I was born in Brazil, a country with a rich background. Learning about the arrival of the Portuguese in 1500, and Princess Isabel’s Golden Law, which abolished slavery, was fascinating and never felt like homework. As I grew older and as my historical interests broadened, however, I realized I needed to travel beyond the textbook to explore new areas of history. My piano teacher at the time had a library full of books on medieval Europe, and she would often flip through the pages of a thick volume and read me a chapter. It turned out that in a room with creaky floorboards and in size 12 font lay the era that would become my passion: the Middle Ages.
From then on I devoured anything medieval. I wrote historical fiction daily and had my closet doors almost give way to the amount of period gowns cluttering it. Unfortunately, it was almost impossible to find history books in my hometown, so I was ecstatic when my family decided to move to Canada when I turned fourteen. Here I was able to deepen my knowledge not only through massive selections at bookstores, but also through the IB History course I chose to take.
Immersed in a demanding course and with a committed teacher, I found in my History class a second home. I read the works of famed historians such as Henry Kissinger and Richard Pipes, and became acquainted with the first half of the twentieth century. My analytical skills improved immensely, and my lineage drove me to apply myself to a greater extent as I studied, for example, the Russian Revolution. I became an active member at the History Club at my school, where heated discussions are held and where students are encouraged to develop a deeper enthusiasm for history.
It was through my History course that I had the opportunity to write an extended essay on medieval Britain. My intention was to discover the extent to which Robin Hood was real. I read books by historians JC Holt, Stephen Knight and many others, as well as analyzed ancient ballads and chronicles. By investigating the lives of the medieval outlaws Fulk Fitzwarin, Roger Godberd and Eustace the Monk, I was able to produce an answer to my research question. While I was proud of my finished draft, my fingers itched to write more – something that I hope to do in university.
Aside from my historical interests, this year I have volunteered weekly at the local food bank and acted in a play with the White Rock Players. These experiences have taught me to overcome my introversion and strengthen my sense of responsibility and teamwork. I speak Portuguese and Spanish fluently, skills that may prove useful throughout my academic life. I also spent the month of July studying Creative Writing and English Literature at a summer program at Cambridge University, and scored an A+ in both courses. Living by myself in the dorms helped me assert my independence and develop my individuality, which I believe is important when it comes to seeing historical figures as individuals and understanding their motivations.
I have known I wanted to study it at a higher level since I walked into my piano teacher’s library years ago and came upon piles of books about the Middle Ages. After graduating from university, I would like to publish both historical fiction and non-fiction, thus keeping history close to my heart and inspiring readers through my writing. I sincerely believe nothing would make me happier than going to university and expanding my knowledge, and I look forward to doing so in the near future.



英文自傳範例︰歷史與英文 History and English

歷史與英文英文自傳 Economic History Personal Statement Example

I believe History inspires optimism. With the state being cut and our economy weakening we could easily fall to pessimism. I just have to look within history to see that just over 400 years ago Queen Mary I killed ‘rebels’ for heresy when they protested, whereas Modern freedoms have allowed me to protest openly in several Unite marches. During the Tudor dynasty the aristocracy ruled Britain. However in the 20th century mere ‘peasants’ like Stalin ruled
countries and overthrew kings.
I think Literature and History go hand in hand. My A level course has shown me that such literary periods have been sparked off by historical events. The pastoral images Romantics used in poetry seem to completely juxtapose the smog and smoke of the Industrial Revolution.The ‘dark satanic mills’ in Blake’s Jerusalem contrast with ‘England’s pleasant pastures’ suggesting the Romantic poets disliked the destruction industry did to the environment. History can help us pinpoint when and where the world changed, but literary periods show how individuals like Blake reacted to change. Without this, History could just be a list of names shrouded by new inventions.
I am undertaking the EPQ to develop my understanding of my Eastern European Heritage. My Grandfather fled Lithuania in 1944 due to his fear of the advancing Red Army. Many fled Eastern Europe after the Russian Revolution. The most famous refugees were the Romanov’s: the surviving faction of the Russian royal family. Though Lenin announced Tsar Nicholas’s
execution no one was sure if his wife and children survived. Through my EPQ I hope to discoverwhy the west believed the Tsar’s youngest daughter, Anastasia lived. Alleged Anastasia survivors inspired successful novels, plays, movies and children’s cartoons. The most famous fraud, Anna Anderson, had a huge following despite the fact the Tsar’s sister, Grand Duchess’ Olga and the Tsarina’s sister, Princess Irene of Hesse both deemed her an imposter. The EPQ has developed important time management and organizational skills essential for University.
In both History and Literature I obtained the highest GCSE’s and was awarded my school’s shield for ‘Outstanding Achievements in English’. I won work experience with a Parliamentary office in South Australia. Frances Bedford, MP for Flory, gave me the opportunity to write a parliamentary Grievance. I developed my ability to write a balanced report and strengthened my ability to work without guidance. Ms Bedford believed my work was a high enough quality to be read in Parliament. Working in a female’s political office informed me of the underrepresentation of women in political spheres.
My inquisitive nature pushes me beyond the school syllabus. I have written for the poet John Siddique’s blog and monologues for my local Drama clubs plays. UCL’s History Summer School extended my ability to argue. I enjoyed being given the freedom to manage my learning and contributing to the final debate. Owen Jones’ lecture on participation within politics heightened my political understanding. It inspired me to run for a senior position at my Sixth Form College. This experience required a meeting with the Head Teacher and a speech in front of the Sixth Form. My debating skills were enhanced and I improved my public speaking skills.As a result, I attained the position of Chairperson for the School Council.
I volunteered at Farnham’s Oxfam bookshop and gained access to a wealth of reading materials.I needed to be well read to assist customers’ choices and through this experience became heavily interested in Russian Literature. I particularly enjoyed Nabokov’s Lolita and Chekov’sCherry Orchard. I also volunteered in a Year 7 English class where I was left to monitor a group of boys who found the subject challenging. These experiences’ taught me how to be more responsible, patient, and persistent. I believe these qualities will allow me to get the grades necessary for a degree in History and Literature.



英文自傳︰經濟歷史 Economic History

經濟歷史英文自傳範例 Economic History Personal Statement Example

Studying History at degree level has been my interest since my first ever history lesson in High School, for it is a subject that invites debate and feeds my inquisitive side. I have always been intrigued by what has happened before us and how it has led to where we are now. Everyday life starts to become more interesting even if it’s being able to know the origin of a street or what events took place there. An example of this would be learning that the private hospital in my town was once a work house in the 19th century. This was fascinating as I walk past this building often. Visiting the Tate Modern museum and also one of the remaining Tudor houses intrigued me as the artefacts and memorabilia just triggered many questions.
Studying History at A-Level has reinforced my ability to formulate arguments effectively; it has also taught me to scrutinize sources at a higher level. The module on Poverty and Public Health was captivating as it demonstrated how the role of the government has changed when it comes to tackling the different needs of society and understanding the foundations of the healthcare system which we enjoy today. It has led me to take part in, and enjoy more independent research and has helped develop my analytical skills. In addition studying Economics has broadened my knowledge on how the country is run and how macroeconomic policies shape everyday experiences of individuals. It also acted as a catalyst for me to start researching the history of the Bank of England and how economic policy can be adversely influenced by political decisions. The subject has taught me to distil information and develop points into strong comparative and contrasting arguments.
Outside of the classroom I take it upon myself to develop my knowledge and understanding of matters that i believe will aid my current and future studies. Reading ‘Land of Hope and Glory: the people and the British economy, 1830-1914′ by R Floud helped me to understand how over time our economy has developed and how it started from the simplest models to the complex systems which essentially help the world to run as it does today. In High School I was head of my tutor group for two years and also a member of the Student Council. During my time as a tutor group captain I organised a morning activity every week and also created and performed a class drama production for the rest of our year group for St. George’s day. As a member of the student council I was given the responsibility to organise activities to raise money for charities for example raising money for Haiti, Children in Need and also the flood in Pakistan, this not only increased my leadership ability but also gave me a big sense of fulfilment.
Outside of academia I enjoy playing football and was a part of the school cricket team. I regularly keep up to date with global current affairs. The Syrian crisis is of particular interest to me as western intervention in the Middle East is something that has repeated itself over time, from the crusades in the 9th century to the ‘War on Terror’ in the 21st century. Furthermore, learning about the British occupation of Egypt in 1882 led me to wonder why all these tragic events do not have a bigger influence on the decision making of western powers.
My A-Level studies have concentrated on the historical and political details of Britain and America. I wish to pursue my studies in depth by focusing on the history of countries across the globe. By attaining a degree in History it will open up various avenues and career paths. I’m confident the skills attained will enable me to excel in anything from a career in finance to lecturing at a university. The study of History demonstrates to us that we cannot understand the present if we do not understand the past and I believe it will give me a greater insight on how it shaped our modern day world.



英文自傳範例 ︰歷史與國籍關係 History and International Relations

歷史與國籍關係英文自傳History and International Relations Personal Statement Example

‘If you want to understand today, you have to search yesterday.’ – Pearl Buck. This quote
illustrates my enthusiasm and interest in history; you can be enlightened of the events of the past, while furthering your understanding of the present. This degree will not only enable me to advance my knowledge but also improve my analytical and evaluative skills.
My enjoyment of history and international relations has been fostered substantially by
education. Having an open minded attitude toward learning, I endeavoured to reflect this in my choice of subjects. World development has provided me with an entirely new insight into the world and how it operates. The Marxist theory, ‘The Communist Manifesto’ Karl Marx, outlines the causes of the inequalities present in society.
History has taught me how to discern that you cannot create future expectations without
acknowledgement of the past. History has forged the path for the current political, economic, and social stature in every nation, influencing each individual decision made in international relations. The critical analysis of ‘Martin Luther King’ by Godfrey Hodgson was a particularly inspiring and insightful to me. It portrayed the struggle one must endeavour to create change and commence development.
World Development and History are such spectacular subjects as they’re fluid, foreign to the concrete structure of maths or science; they can be disputed, probed and re-evaluated. They are sculpted by personal judgement; to Harry Johnston colonization was a vital benchmark in the creation of robust empires, yet to Karl Marx colonization saw the infliction of Western culture thus acculturation for millions. As an avid reader I’m widely read on various historical eras such as; The Ming dynasty, the Bolshevik revolution and the British Empire. In addition I subscribe to the BBC History Magazine and the New Internationalist which keeps me enthralled, as well as informed, on contemporary issues with each month’s releases.
Studying English literature has required me to advance my skills in interpreting. ‘Dancing at Lughnasa’ by Brian Friel involves contextual study of 1936 Ireland, the Catholic social
pressures and political unrest between Irish and English relations. Religious studies and
ethics has introduced me to current moral dilemmas, euthanasia and the case of Diana Pretty who fought the courts in pursuit of an assisted death, and provided me with the ability to debate and discuss them.
I am committed to maintaining a good level of fitness; badminton, the gym, and outdoor
activities such as kayaking have been a superb source of friends. Weekly meetings with
enthusiasts have given me a team and individual experience. Through a school trip to the
scenic region of the Rhineland, Germany, I was able to develop my leadership skills in
delegating and organising younger student activities. I take my democratic right to express my opinions very seriously prompting me to join the school council. I’ve recently raises 429
pounds for cancer research through assisting the organisation of a charity fete in my home village, its important you contribute to the community.
My zest for History and World Development, motivation, and optimistic outlook are integral
qualities for providing a good foundation for successful undergraduate life. I guarantee I
have the ability to undertake the challenges and opportunities of such disciplines at



英文自傳範例︰歷史與音樂 History and Music

歷史與音樂英文自傳 History and Music Personal Statement Example

Five years ago, during the last night of the proms and there was a pivotal moment whilst watching the orchestra that changed me forever. Rapidly developing a love for music I realised that the influence exerted by history over music is profound. When visiting the Leningrad memorial, I could actually feel how the music embodies the emotional torment of the tragedy. I was led to study both History and Music for GCSE and found it necessary to involve myself in anyway possible leading to some of the most rewarding experiences of my life.
Developing my skills in seven instruments, yet concentrating my main efforts on the flute, resulted in a whole range of opportunities. In school being involved in activities such as Jazz Band, Gospel and Chamber Choir and Orchestra increased my willingness to do more. What started as a simple tutoring session for fellow flute players developed in a clarinet and flute ensemble for which I conduct and arrange the music. This in itself has been beneficial in gaining important experience compared to being part of an ensemble. Outside school I regularly attend the North Somerset Music Service playing bass in Swing Band and flute in Concert Band. Volunteering to help at the North Somerset Junior Centre for young musicians has further developed my skills and I am auditioning for the South West Youth Wind Sinfonia. I also regularly play the piano at Church and intend to apply for music lessons at Wells Cathedral in the New Year.
My History skills and knowledge have been developed by a visit to Russia in preparation for my A2 coursework on whether both Tsarist and Communist rule relied upon central power and control. This in turn awakened an interest in Russian history and began researching around the topic by reading literature and studying other historians’ interpretations of the period. Other areas of particular interest outside the A-level course include French revolution, World Wars, Tudor period and the English Civil war. I was approached to tutor some Year 9s on trench warfare and did by getting them to act it out across the common room accompanied by a trip to the Imperial War Museum. I like to divert into historical reading whether it be books or other means, something briefly mentioned in class will send me on a mission and usually find myself submerged in books engrossed in a variety of topics. My love for history can be summed up by the word of another, those of Aldous Huxley; “The charm of history and its enigmatic lesson consists in the fact that, from age to age, nothing changes and yet everything is completely different".
When not engaged in my studies or some aspect of music, I am involved in many other activities both inside and outside of school. I have been involved in representing the school in the Magistrates Court Competition and Mock Bar and on the Outward-Bound course. Through School and Sixth Form I was able to participate in the French Exchange, Geography trip to Slapton and a World Challenge expedition to Zambia and Botswana. I also recently organised an US election sleepover for politics students in Year 13. I help at Brownies have completed my Baden-Powell Challenge and am currently undergoing training in order to gain my Warrant. Through Scouts I help at cubs and am the leader of the local Network group and have been able to be involved in a multitude of activities such as Ten Tors, Duke of Edinburgh and numerous camping trips.
I feel incredibly lucky not only to be ardent for one subject but to share this equally with another and for this reason why I do not want to sacrifice one for the other. To carry on both Music and History to degree level would open a world I have only ever dreamt of creating endless opportunities for the future whereby I can continue to share my experiences and knowledge with others.



英文自傳範例︰歷史與法律 History and Law

歷史與法律英文自傳 History and Law Personal Statement Example

History and Law are critical to thedevelopment of society. The idea that the same mistakes will be repeated unless we learn to adapt and change, underlines the meaning of both subjects, As a civilisation we must find out where we came from and how we can and have changed. To accomplish this we must accept that it will take years to uncover the real past as current evidence and theories, although always developing, are often limited. A joint honours course will therefore widen the opportunities and resources available to me while allowing the expansion of my knowledge. My interest in History started while hearing about the legendary battles fought against the French. This fuelled my imagination, creating the need for more knowledge and understanding on the subject. Law as a subject began from my research into history and everyday life through the news. History has helped develop my thinking skills and allowed me to put forward thoughts and arguments which would quite often be controversial. Law has allowed me to see the connections in life with the establishments of law and society. A look at how it was sometimes the cause and resolution for historical issues usually regarding taxation.
In April 2006 I went to Oxford Brooks University to a day of prelaw lectures and seminars held by barristers and solicitors. This enabled me to gain extra insight into the legal world and understand where this subject could potentionally lead. This experience gave me great insight into the subject and helped confirm the subject of law as part of a degree choice. I visited the local magistrate’s court and crown court as an observer to gain extra experience in the court activities. I was able to see the inner workings of the court system and relate them to my theoretical studies and received advice from solicitors and barristers who were willing to offer advice on the degree choice.
My work experience was at County Court where I dealt with different aspects of the court structure, including helping process legal documentation, attending sessions with bailiffs and observing corporate court cases.
During July 2006 I took part in Challenge of Industry held at the school where I benefited from the advice of business people, in aspects of presentations, design and planning. As part of this session I used my accounting skills to help produce a winning design, as well as learning how to progress through a business meeting, where individual points had to be put forward while considering others.
In my spare time I play golf which I have been playing for several years and am working on my handicap! I distance swim for leisure and play self taught guitar. In this last year I took up fly fishing which has taken me across the country visiting different lakes and visiting many varying enjoyable locations. In the summer of 2005 I took part as a volunteer helper for a Bradford University study on Reminiscent Therapy where I took part in sessions and helped interact with the volunteers. I felt that this was a worthwhile experience as it helped give me an insight into a varying array of people’s lives from different aspects.
This choice of degree will allow me to take opportunities which have never been available to me before. For example the ability to combine two subjects which I have had an interest in for many years with the advantage of being able to study a much wider variety of topics. This will help enable me to understand how the world is in its current situation. This will be achieved not only through academic studies but through the experience of university life and its accompanying aspects.