英文自傳範例︰職能治療 Occupational Therapy

職能治療英文自傳 Occupational Therapy Personal Statement Example

My life has been overshadowed with caring for people and a healthy living. Ever since I was a child my mother always instilled in me the importance of health and caring for my younger sisters and brothers. From a very young age I wanted to go into health care, as that is the one profession where I always believed I would excel, owing to my love of caring for people and the satisfaction of being able to help those in need.
There are many health professions in this world. Why then did I choose occupational therapy? Well firstly I love the one to one contact that you have with your patients. Were you must understand their needs and find their talents and then help them in doing their hardest to make it grow. My main reason however is that I believe that you can not reach your maximum in life, live life to the fullest if you do not know your talents. Some people’s talents may be more dominant than others, but in the end if we look hard enough, we can all find that hidden power inside ourselves, the thing that makes us unique from the billons of people on this earth and gives us the power to reach our goals in life.
I had experience with teaching two children that both had varying cases of attention deficit disorder. I would sit and talk to them and then devised two different ways of teaching Arabic to both of them that I found very effective. I got far with them and both their families and I were very happy with their progress. I have faced a lot of discrimination trying to find work experience in a health institution, owing to the fact that I am not a local. My spirits were never dampened, quite the contrary it made me want to fight harder to get what I wanted to do. After much searching doctor Anwar Jehan kindly allowed me to shadow her in her gynecologist clinic. She let me watch and help while she looked after her patients. I loved to watch the patients of varying ages and think of ways that I could help or talk to the doctor after about there various complications. I am also excited because I found work in the institution for Down syndrome children in Riyadh which they told me I will be able to start in a couple weeks time.
I am an independent student and self taught myself, biology, English, Islamic studies, chemistry and English literature, with slight help with the two latter a month before the exam, as having a tutor to help me through all these subjects was financially impossible. I also did my igcse’s on a part time basis owing that I was studying full time in Arabic school, which graduated from at the end of last year. I therefore have a year to dedicate to my A levels which I hope will be fruitful. I have also been chosen as the exemplary student of the year for my last four years in school. And helped to translate the school magazine from Arabic to English.
I have a great many hobbies that included playing badminton, cooking, swimming and reading classic stories and poems in both Arabic and English. I also love different languages and hope to learn many more in the next few years.
I always try to keep my life balanced between my studies and recreation, as I believe that a good mind needs a good body and that can only be enhanced through a good life and healthy living. You skills and hobbies are one of the things that puts all the beauty in life. We must balance that scale so that we can reach our full potential and then we will be able to help others as well as ourselves. I hope that I have balanced my scale well enough to be able to help myself and if honored by being chosen to study in your university I will do all in my power to help balance out the people who put their well being into my hand. To make them see the power that they own, this beautiful picture that they have been put into, that becomes more colorful and detailed every day, their lives.



英文諺語 Cross that bridge when you come to it

Cross that bridge when you come to it 船到橋頭自然直

Meaning: You can say “we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it" if someone mentions a problem that might occur in the future, but you want them to think about what’s happening now instead.
For example:
  • Martin asked what we’d do if our new company couldn’t find good staff when we needed to expand, and I said we’ll cross that bridge when we come to it.
  • Jenny worries too much about things that might happen in the future, so people are always saying “We’ll cross that bridge when we come to it" to her.
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英文自傳範例︰地球科學 Earth Sciences

地球科學英文自傳 Earth Sciences Personal Statement Example

A visit to a collection of minerals and gemstones while holidaying in the Lake District in 2006 opened my eyes to the fascinating subject of geology. Seeing naturally dull rock split open to reveal a myriad of vibrant crystals posed many questions: where had this discovery been made and, more intriguingly, how had it formed? My wish to find out more about these mineral forms and the rocks that had sheltered their intricate beauty started my interest in geology.
My interest in the planet and sciences developed further at GCSE, where I was introduced to areas of physical geography: volcanology, plate tectonics and earthquakes, and also the part that geologists have to play in solving challenging environmental matters. Recent protests in Balcombe against fracking show that geology does not currently have the answers to cure the energy crisis or counter society’s negative views. While I agree with protesters’ opinions that fracking will disturb British ecosystems and use substantial amounts of water better used elsewhere, the need for extra gas reserves and the political agenda of cutting energy bills, to me, outweigh the negatives.
A Level choices enabled me to receive a greater understanding of the chemical, physical and mathematical aspects of earth sciences. Having an academic background in these three fields has facilitated my use and appreciation of graphs and statistics produced by geological societies such as USGS and allowed me to analyse theories and reports in a new way, giving me varied perspectives. Learning about volcano mechanics in geology, pressure in chemistry, and stress and strain in physics and maths during my first year at college created links between my subject choices and how they inter-relate.
I became interested in volcanoes and their tectonics, leading me to read ‘Krakatoa: The Day the World Exploded’ by Simon Winchester. The book taught me about the island’s background and how Krakatoa’s location on the Sunda Strait and the infamous eruption in 1883 influenced lives, affected world trade, and global temperatures and created one of the world’s best geologists, Alfred Wegener. However, I believe the book strays too far away from the topic of Krakatoa and does not go into enough detail about its future, with only brief mentions of Anak Krakatau and nothing on the potential for eruptions or how the world should prepare. This extra reading has prompted me to write my extended project on super volcanoes and how society has been shaped because of them. I feel this particular section of research encompasses all of my A2 subjects and allows my interest in geology to develop further.
Next summer I am taking part in an expedition to Borneo for a month. While there we will climb Mount Kinabalu and see Deer and Clearwater caves; visiting huge geological features will teach me more about Asia’s geology and build on ideas I have already encountered in my studies and extra reading. 
In July this year I was invited to an Experience Cambridge: Natural Sciences day at the university, which gave me the opportunity to talk to experts in geochemistry and geophysics, fully engage in discussions and appreciate new concepts and ideas currently being tested, such as the new theory that impact energy from meteors causes continental drift, not plate tectonics. Talking to academics in the field made me realise there is much more to learn, new ideas I never thought existed or could be possible, making me want to learn more and widen my knowledge.
Beyond geology I was chosen as an Olympic ambassador as part of my role in the Youth Sport Trust, which was an exciting opportunity to engage in sports and develop my leadership qualities. I have had a part time job at Farmfoods since April 2012 which has taught me to balance my time equally between my work, social and college life. 
Overall, I would appreciate any opportunity for further reading in earth sciences. I am fascinated by the study of new aspects of the field, and look forward to continuing to research and explore the world to decode some of the geological mysteries that still surround us, while continuing to not only work hard with my studies but contribute to the university community.



英文自傳範例︰地質學 Geology

地質學英文自傳 Geology Personal Statement Example

Throughout my life I have possessed a keen interest in geography. I am in awe of the natural power of our world. When I was young, I was mystified and enthralled by the sheer size of the oceans and the mountains. During my school years I studied geography, building up a foundation of knowledge. On top of this, my personal study has given me a deeper understanding, and engaged me with a desire to learn more. Through talking to my Uncle, a practicing Geologist, I became particularly fascinated with the makeup of the earth. To further my understanding I now wish to read Geology.
At Bolton School I studied Geography, Physics and Systems & Control Technology to A level. This diversity in subject has given me a scientific approach to problem solving, an understanding of the physical systems at play within geology, a technological grasp of systems and instrumentation and a more in depth understanding of geography. While I studied both the physical and human side to geography, it was the physical side that sustained my interest. I believe the analytical skills I have developed will further aid my study. Alongside my school academic life I went on several field trips. These included one to investigate beach erosion in Bournemouth and another detailing land usage in and around Bolton. For my GCSE Geography, I conducted a detailed study including field work, into the relationship between the velocity of water in relation to the depth and erosion levels of a stretch of river. I have found field research to be invaluable, and have gained an appreciation of how theoretical systems translate into the real world.
My favourite extracurricular activity is music. Following the completion of my A-Levels I chose to take a double gap year, to pursue my musical interest. This evolved into reading a 2 year course in Music Performance and Technology. I have emerged with a strengthened work ethic, a more mature approach to time management and an even greater drive to take my studies forward to university. Last year I helped to organise my college open day, which allowed me to apply my managerial skills through the organisation of promotion, event planning and delegation. The day proved extremely successful. I have achieved a pass with distinction and merit, respectively, of Grade Five Exams in Drums and Cornet, and I expect to receive a merit on completion of my Music Performance and Technology HND.
During my first gap year I took a part-time job at Starbucks to help fund my higher education. I gained promotion rapidly, ahead of many long-standing employees, to Supervisor and ‘Coffee Master’ status. I relished being given the opportunity to demonstrate and improve my skills, which I believe to be working confidently and making decisions under pressure, my communication skills and my intuitive and qualitative analysis. A love of the outdoors and the landscape led me to enjoy outdoor pursuits, which in turn led me to take up rock climbing as a serious hobby. In my AS year, two friends and I applied for a grant from a School Trust, enabling us to travel to Spain for a week. The purpose of the trip was to further pursue the sport, as well as my personal interest in the geography of the landscape. We documented the experience and presented a written report of our accomplishments.
Throughout my varied educational and vocational background; studying Geology has always been my eventual aim, and I feel that the wide knowledge and experience I have gained has improved all my personal attributes which I believe will play an integral part in my studies of Geology. Looking beyond university, I want to pursue a career as a Geologist, eventually furthering our human understanding.



英文自傳範例︰地理與自然灾害 Geography and Natural Hazards

地理與自然灾害英文自傳 Geography and Natural Hazards Personal Statement Example

As our environment is constantly changing, the study of Geography is imperative to explaining the complex processes and forces behind it, whether they are natural or man made. We all have a duty to understand the relationship between humans and our environment and focus on the sustainability of our stewardship of the Earth.
I am currently studying Sociology at A-level, having already completed two of my A-levels in Biology and Geography. Having not studied Geography at GCSE, I was entirely unsure of what Geography entailed and how it is a subject that relates to many aspects of my life.
It was not solely the content of the course which sparked my enthusiasm for Geography, but the obvious passion of my teacher. He made it current and relevant to my life, one way he did this was by making us study the geography of Coventry to see how risks and the vulnerability of people are evident in my own city which can then allow us to develop strategies to reduce the vulnerability of people in high risk areas. I took part in a residential trip to Dol-y-moch in Snowdonia which showed me how important fieldwork and research are to understanding geographical processes, their impact and whether they are human or physical; for example, the rebranding of Blaenau Ffestiniog which demonstrated how Geography can show us directions to help out with the economic regeneration of a depressed area. I am fascinated by natural hazards in particular and through wider reading, such as the Geography Review and Natural Hazards, 2nd Edition by Steve Frampton, I established a deep curiosity of how nature can so mercilessly affect the planet and what it takes to monitor and predict a natural hazard. It is evident there are diverse career pathways I can pursue from doing this course and I hope to gain direction to which best suits my personality and interests, not only from the course, but from university life.
I believe I am an extremely sociable person and can get on with range of people from a variety of backgrounds. I am keen to become an independent individual and to gain life experience and skills from my time at university. I have completed my Bronze Duke of Edinburgh award which allowed me to develop teamwork and communication skills which will be crucial when carrying out fieldwork and group-work at university. I am currently employed as a Barista, working between 10 to 30 hours a week. Such commitment has helped me with my time management alongside my A level studies. I am able to carry out my job to my best ability while ensuring my studies are of a consistent high standard. I enjoyed taking part in extra-curricular activities throughout my time in education, I was part of the yearbook committee during my GCSE’s and while in sixth form I was involved in the production of a fashion show which raised £1000 for charity. These activities allowed me to not only use my teamwork and communication skills but to develop them even further while being an active member of the school community. I have developed a yearning to use Geography in my future in a way which will allow me to express my enthusiasm whilst striving to make a difference and believe higher education is the best way I can begin doing so.



英文自傳範例︰地理與政治 Geography and Politics

地理與政治英文自傳範例 Geography and Politics Personal Statement Example

My interest in geography began when I visited an exhibition on maps from the 1400s up to the present day. They charted the progress of smaller kingdoms and county boundaries into the UK that we know today. This enthralled me since it showed how our country has stemmed from different cultures, which is not dissimilar to what is occurring today with the spread of western influences around the world through globalisation. Alex MacGillivray’s book, ‘A Brief History of Globalisation’, shows that globalisation is one of the most widespread and misunderstood terms with no single definition. To Bill Clinton, it is a ‘world without walls,’ but to Manfred Steger, globalisation is ‘a social process of intensifying global interdependence.’ These two ideas appear similar, but Clinton is using it as a political buzzword rather than as a geographical concept.
My main curiosity in geography is the interaction between different cultures which was furthered by the recent Arab Spring events. I was interested in the reasons why such countries would suddenly rise up into civil war. A TED talk by Dalia Mogahed showed that high levels of unemployment and poverty were not the sole reasons for the Arab Spring events: a desire for liberal democracy, openly displayed in other countries through social media, played an equally major part. This opposes the Clash of Civilisation Theory which states that different cultures will always have conflict because their differences lead to disagreement. This conflict will increase as globalisation continues and cultures interact more.
I have been fortunate to experience other cultures through my love of travel and this has facilitated a greater understanding of the distinctions between them and my own. In Egypt, the role of women varied greatly. In Cairo they had greater freedom and were able to drive and go out unaccompanied but in Luxor women were more restricted in their daily life. Western ideas take time to filter through society, travel across regions and be accepted by different people. 
To gain a greater understanding of the links between different social groups and what they want from their local environment, I canvassed for a political party at the local city council elections. This enabled me to speak to many different people about local issues that fed into their preconceptions about the various political parties today. Many people whom I spoke to were not going to vote at all since they believed that all the political parties were only after individual gain. It astonishes me that since 1950, the voter turnout has fallen by 20%, which stems from a lack of interaction between voters and their representatives. Aristotle stated that “Man is a political animal,” but this no longer seems to be the case in today’s world. 
Being Vice President of my college causes me to communicate well. I confidently express my viewpoints and listen and respond to others’ ideas. I have led several charity events and raised awareness of important issues such as mental health by inviting speakers into college. I am aware of the need for prioritisation and time-management which are significant skills in independent learning. I play several sports and am a member of the backstage crew for school plays. My persistence in judo up to blue belt level has taught me resilience and enabled me to help younger pupils with their skills: it has been a privilege to see them develop. My participation in the Duke of Edinburgh Gold award has helped increase my leadership and teamwork skills and draw on my abilities in orienteering. During an expedition in the Brecon Beacons, I honed my problem-solving skills which will be an asset in later life. 
Geography is the key to all of the current major issues in the world. Studying this subject at university would enable me to look at the range of solutions to these problems, embark on new experiences and gain a greater knowledge of the world at local, national and international levels.

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英文自傳範例︰地理學 Geography (with gap year)

地理學英文自傳範例 Geography  Personal Statement Example

A trip to the capital city of Iceland; Reykjavík, shaped distinctively by its earthquakes and volcanic eruptions, I noticed how fundamental tourism and investment in geothermal energy had resulted in a strong correlation of economic growth for the country. This first began in the 1990’s. Iceland took on extensive free market reforms that also contributed to a high level of economic freedom, as well as forming a nation which topped the HDI. With abundant energy resources and like-minded eco- friendly inhabitants, sustainability was promising. However, 2010’s Eyjafjallajokull’s volcanic explosion had caused 150,000 tonnes of carbon dioxide being emitted into the atmosphere per day, disrupted air patterns and shut down the air space of 20 countries. This example had presented that human and physical geography, with their many individual factors, had coincided. These two elements combined can explain the reasons for both of our past and present’s environmental and economic climates, and may even help us to predict our futures. It is for these reasons that I question: Will we ever have the power to solely govern our planet, by artificially altering our physical surroundings. Or does Mother Nature play a bigger role than we had once hoped for?
A gap year has not only allowed me to begin volunteering at Camley’s Street Education Programme. A project responsible for environmental education, that includes practical work, and general maintenance around the park. I thoroughly enjoy spending my time working locally; as I believe I am making a greater impact. I was also in the position to be able to find employment to finance my future studies, as the position of the personal assistant for the director of a commercial electrical contractor and portable appliance testing company. This opportunity has also led me to have experience with solar panel installations and inspired me to study Physics AS. Being particularly fond of environmental conservation; I spent a week at Landmark barrister’s chamber that provides legal advice and advocacy in four key areas: Environment, Planning, Property and Public Law. This experience allowed me to use my Geographical skills within the English Legal system that I found greatly rewarding.
I fuel my knowledge on global matters not only by reading the Natural Geographic, but the New Scientist and the Economist as well. Through out the course of my A level studies, I spent independent time researching other controversial topics, as well as being intrigued by human geography and its comparable link with Economics and Politics.
I held the post as environmental ambassador run by Peace Child, a non profit organisation. By visiting primary schools I was able to independently organize lessons and present to pupils the importance of climate change and sustainability, through a series of power points, games and video clips. Our achievements included gaining environmental status for the school, with being funded for our largest project of installing a 2.5 kHz wind turbine. Participating in all aspects of school life, from senior dancing in annual school musicals, guiding on open days and representing the school in yearly Barnet Gymnastic and Trampoline Competitions has helped me gain excellent time management skills. Alongside my studies I have trained in the theatre, classical ballet and modeling for an agency. I am currently studying Grade 9 Ballet and Jazz. On yearly summer and winter vacations to Austria, my hobbies include glacial skiing and sailing; this was another starting point for my fascination of different ecosystems and their processes.
I believe that my academic experience, personal skill set and versatility mean that I would be the perfect candidate to study geography. My future ambition may even follow a legal path as I enjoy my focus being on environmental and planning issues. As well as this I would possibly like to educate and inspire others about the importance of Geography and how every element of the subject fits tightly into modern day society.



英文自傳範例︰地理學 Geography

地理學英文自傳範例 Geography  Personal Statement Example

Having reached the incredible 7 billion mark it is clear that the world population and the planet we live on will have to develop a more harmonious relationship if both are to survive. I want to be one of the people helping to develop and build that relationship.
I have spent my life in the Highlands and come from two families who have cultivated the land or interpreted and worked with the environment to make a living. As I have grown up so has the size of the local population and I see challenges within the relationship between people and the physical environment that will require some considerable problem solving to balance everyone’s needs with these limited resources. Over the years this has sparked my keen interest in finding out about the world around me.
I have further developed my interest in geography academically, taking the subject to advanced higher. This has allowed me to develop independent study techniques and further develop organisation and time management skills through my geographical study, all huge assets at university. It is my hope that by studying geography alongside environmental science in higher education the insights I gain from understanding the physical and human world will help me ensure that the relationships within any environment can be positively maintained whenever possible.
During my work experience placement I spent some time with a car parts logistics firm and was able to see some of the difficulties of meeting customer’s immediate requirements whilst limiting the negative environmental impact of the service because of transport, packaging and energy use. This placement has also allowed me see how the urban geography of Inverness affects how small businesses operate.
I currently work part time co-ordinating sales for a small arts and crafts supply company, which trades solely online. I have in my spare time been using some of the experiences from my work placement and skills developed in my studies, reducing costs to the company by revisiting packaging options and the potential of gaining an income from recycling materials. This has allowed me to see how changes to improve sustainability can make a financial difference to business as well as maintaining the health of the natural world.
I am also a member of the school yearbook committee with responsibility for gathering and formatting written content and work with different staff members and departments as well as my fellow students and have been encouraging the committee to work with materials that cause less damage to the environment.
I am a student of close up magic working specifically with cards. I have been working with other student magicians online in America and Europe to develop my skills and have been selected to take part in a week long course later this year in London. I really enjoy developing my understanding of how even on this small scale the relationship between people and environment can be altered and reinterpreted. I also believe that the planning, negotiation and communication skills required to do this kind of magic have helped me in my academic studies developing a strong work ethic and the need to focus to succeed.
Whether academically or in my own time my keenest interest is in understanding how places affect people and people affect places.